Certificated Tarot Practitioner Course that covers these areas:
  • Archetypal, psychological, spiritual, and traditional approaches.
  • Depth readings
  • Counselling skills
  • Narrative therapy.
  • Ongoing personal, practical, and professional experience and support (I want you to succeed).
  • The development of personal awareness and confidence
  • The consolidation and enhancement of psycho-spiritual abilities
The course builds on what you already know, your own wisdom, intuition, and experiences and gives you the confidence to read Tarot professionally and personally as well as providing a great place from which to launch yourself into the esoteric arts.
Blessings to you all. Call Kim to book 0409 689 041 


Psychic Development
Psychic development workshops are held for six weeks each school term and run concurrently throughout the year in  East Victoria Park

Spiritual Development
This group is working on a deeper level to enhance your spiritual development and to work and blend with your spirit and your spirit team, to gain a deeper understanding of your inner self and for those that work in "Service to Spirit". 

Reiki Workshops

Meditaion Yoga Nidra

Contact Kay for more information ~ 0405 743 081   http://www.kaygallagher.com/


Welcome to the Magical world of Meditation and Psychic discovery. 

You will be working with a part of yourself, that has in many of us, slumbered, unrecognised for too long. That psychic dimension in all of us that lies, so elusively, "Beyond and Behind" the senses. 

In my groups you will be taking practical steps on a journey to discover every ounce of your true potential. By the time you have learnt to trust your own inner guidance and intuition and tap into your own inner power, you will know how to control it, to use it successfully, why it is harmless and how rewarding it can be. 

You must learn to see with more than the external eyes, for there is much that can be missed. 

As a group, we build up an aura of energy, and the trust, sharing and caring which can develop is very beneficial to all of us, as it can aid us on our journey of healing and self discovery of ourselves and our true potential. Once the effort is made to attend, the benefits can calm and relax as well as stimulate you. There is no competition and each is here to help and encourage each other. Each one will achieve the outcome you are meant to achieve within your own capabilities. 

Be assured that we work ALWAYS in the Light and with God's protection. There is no danger, it is truly a safe and caring environment.

Courses offered: 

Beginners...For those who have no or little experience and need to commence from basics. This programme covers how to meditate, working with Chakras, What is the aura, and how to read it, dowsing, psychometry readings using many varieties of objects, including photos, flowers, ribbons, objects etc. and the use of cards. There are many varied activities to encourage, challenge and enjoy. 

Advanced.......for those who have had some experience or who are already working but wish to hone or polish their skills: This programme continues on from the beginners for those who wish to continue into working with mediumship abilities. How to connect, keep the connection strong, work with the spirit to provide substantial evidence. How to maintain the energy, working with the "no's". The Psychic, versus the mediumistic reading etc.
This is an excellent programme for those already working who wish to continue their learning also. 

The advanced classes run through out the year, and I commence a beginners class at the beginning of each new year unless there is a demand for an earlier group to commence. 
I am a practicing, experienced, Psychic Medium and have run classes continuously for over ten years. 

Bookings available 0405 063 638
Or email. ramzip@iinet.net.au